Monday, October 17, 2016

Confirmation Update- Week of October 16-23

Dear Students in the Confirmation Program

Yesterday, our class took a hard look at the question, “What’s in a Name?”  We learned that Biblical names all have meanings.  Further, we learned that many of our surnames (last names) once had a similar meaning (like a “Smith” is someone who worked with metal, a “Baker” was a Baker, etc…).  We also learned that when we dishonor God’s Name (2nd Commandment), we sin against Him. 

The First Petition deals with keeping God’s name holy among each of us. We pray that we do this by believing in the only True God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), and by living the life that God calls us to live.

We also saw the Youth Alpha presentation on prayer.

If you would like to review the class, or if you missed the class, you can click here to here to listen to the class audio as well as download a pdf of the PowerPoint presentation.

ALSO: Our Youth Group will be kicking off this year with a trip to the SPOOKY WALK at Camp PaQuaTuck in Center Moriches on Saturday, October 29. Meet at Church at 5:30pm.  Cost is $20 per person for admission.  If you’d like to purchase food, bring a little extra money.  There will be a sign up sheet circulated this coming Sunday at Class. For more information, please speak with Mr. or Mrs. Ansbach

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Email for the Week of Pentecost 21

The Week of October 9-16, 2016

Dear Confirmands,

I hope that your week is going well.

A recap of what we learned this past Sunday:
  • ·         Prayer is a gift that the Lord gives us
  • ·         We are in an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.
  • ·         Prayer can be conversational.
  • ·         The Four Types of Prayer can be remembered by the word ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication)
  • ·         The Introduction to the Lord’s prayer, “Our Father, Who art in heaven” uses the word “Our” instead of “My” because it is the prayer of the Church, given to us by Jesus
  • ·         Heaven is where Jesus reigns in power at God’s right hand, a position of power.
  • ·         God’s attributes include: He is holy, just, merciful, loving, faithful, true, spirit, all powerful, all present, all knowing, and many other things.

For this Sunday, make sure you memorize the following:

The Introduction to the Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father who art in heaven.

What does this mean?

With these words God tenderly invites us to believe that He is our true Father and that we are His true children, so that with all boldness and confidence we may ask Him as dear children ask their dear father.

Remember, the Catechism is something that we say out loud and memorize so that we might always have the truths of God in our hearts. 

If you missed the class, you can go to  Go to the three lines at the top to activate the drop-down menu, then select “Confirmation Audio”.  You won’t be able to see the video, but you will hear our entire class discussion.

For the next class (this coming Sunday, October 16), please read the FIRST PETITION in your Catechism, and READ AND COMPLETE pages 65 and 66 in your workbook. Answer all questions—in writing—as best as you can. 

Remember, since we only have an hour for each class, it is very important that you arrive prior to 9:30.  Class will start exactly at 9:30 and you will miss critical information if you are late.

Blessings to you!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Email for the Week of Pentecost 20

Dear Confirmands,

Each week I’ll send you some information and encouragement as we walk through the Small Catechism together.

We will begin our study of the Lord’s Prayer this week with the Introduction to the Lord’s Prayer.  Please read this section in your Catechism.

Read pages 63-64 in your Confirmation Workbook to prepare yourselves.

Remember that we have contracted to pray each day when we wake up.  A simple prayer is something like, “Lord, thank you for keeping me this night. Bless me with your presence and protection today.”  Please try to pray this each morning as you awaken.  We will be building up our prayer repertoire as the class goes on.

Remember, you can also utilize the Confirmation Blog Site at

Remember also that since we are limited to one hour each week, please be on time and ready to begin at 9:30am on the dot.  Thanks, that helps a lot.

Have a great week.  Pray for your teachers, your school, and for the Lord’ s Guidance in the future.