Monday, November 21, 2016

This and That

We are nearly at the conclusion of our study of the Lord's Prayer.  This past week we completed the Sixth Petition, Lead us not into temptation. 

We learned that this is really a poor translation of the Greek; that it actually reads more like, "Save us from the time of testing/trial." God never tempts anyone!

Temptation comes from the devil, the world, and our own sinful nature-- sometimes referred to as the "unholy trinity.'  We looked at Bible verses that backed this up.

We learned also that the Lord gives us strength, through His gifts of Word and Sacrament, to resist the devil so that he will flee from us.

We concluded by learning about the "Full Armor of God" as found in Ephesians 6.

As Confirmands, remember that you are responsible to know each petition and its meaning as found in Luther's Small Catechism.  This is why we go over each petition that we have previously studied each week.

We will have an examination (take-home) that will be given out on November 11.  On that day there will be no class for Confirmands (the adults will still meet) because you will be participating in the Sunday School Pageant Rehearsal that day. The tests will be due back on November 18.

You can review classes by going to this link:

There are also some other items to keep in mind:

    • Remember that you are REQUIRED to be in Church regularly.  This means more than just on the Sundays when you acolyte.  Also, coming to class does not count for worship.  Plan to come early for worship before class, or stay after for the 11am service.
    • There are several upcoming special services that can assist you in meeting this goal:
      • Thanksgiving Eve, November 23, 7:30pm
      • Advent Midweek Evening Prayer, November 30, December 7 and 14, 7:30pm
      • Christmass Eve, December 24, 7:30pm or 11pm
      • Christmass Day, December 25, 10am
      • New Year's Eve, December 31, 5:30pm
      • The Name of Jesus (New Year's Day), 10am
    • Some other events that Confirmands should be present at or participate in:
      • The Center Moriches Parade of Lights, Saturday, December 10, Meet at Church at 4:30. The parade starts at 6pm.  We return to Church around 8pm for refreshments.
      • The Sunday School Christmas Pageant: Saturday Rehearsal, December 17, 10am; Sunday School Pageant takes place on December 18 at 9:30am (During the Sunday School Hour). All Confirmation students will participate in this.
We pray that as we enter into the Holy Season of Advent that Church and your preparation to be confirmed that you will be blessed in your worship and participation as God comes to you in His precious gifts.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Congratulations to our 2016 Confirmands

On Sunday, October 30th, four members of Christ Lutheran's Confirmation Program were received into communicant membership by Confirmation.  We wish Haillie, Daniel, Nicholas and Ashley the Lord's richest blessings.

Remember, Confirmation is a beginning point, not graduation.  Students should continue to come to Church and Bible class each week.

This Week's Information- November 6, 2016

We are progressing through the Petitions of the Lord's Prayer.  So far, we have studied the following Petitions:

  • Introduction to the Lord's Prayer, "Our Father, Who art in heaven"
  • The First Petition, "Hallowed be Thy Name."
  • The Second Petition, "Thy Kingdom Come"
  • The Third Petition, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."
  • The Fourth Petition, "Give us this day our daily bread."
Each student should be able to recite both each petition and Luther's meaning.  If you need help, click here for the class PowerPoint presentations and some class audio.  Students are reminded that they are responsible for making up work and information from any class that is missed. 

This coming week we will be taking up the Fifth Petition. Make sure you read it in you Small Catechism and complete the questions in the Workbook.