Tuesday, September 8, 2020

 The 2020-2021 Confirmation Year will begin on Saturday, October 3, 9:30am-10am. Students in 7th, 8th, and 9th Grades are eligible to join the class.  It normally is a 2 and 1/4 year program with students completing two years (7th and 8th Grades) and after coming in the Fall of their 9th Grade year and meeting all program requirements, are confirmed on All Saints Sunday, the First Sunday in November. 

The materials you need to register can be downloaded from the Church Website by clicking here

Make sure you download all three files: The letter explaining the program, the Universal Registration form, and the Class Schedule.  A copy of the schedule is provided below as well:

Christ Lutheran Church

East Moriches, NY



Saturday, October 3

·         Orientation, Distribute Books and Materials, Requirements of the Class.

·         Chapter 1: “What is Confirmation?” p.5



Saturday, October 10

·         Chapter 2: “The Creeds and Confessions Answer the Question: Who is Jesus?” p.9


Saturday, October 17

·         Chapter 3: “Introduction to the Small Catechism”. p. 13



Saturday, October 24

·         Chapter 4: “Reading God’s Word” p.17


Saturday,  October 31

·         Chapter 6: “What is Worship?” p.21

·         Confirmation Rehearsal



Sunday, November 1

·         11am Rite of Confirmation (it may switch to 2pm depending on number of people coming).


Saturday, November 7

·         Chapter 31: Overview of the Lord’s Prayer, p. 125



Saturday, November 14

·         Chapter 32, “The Introduction” p. 129



Saturday, November 21

·         Chapter 33, “The First Petition” p.133



Wednesday, November 25

·         Thanksgiving Eve Service, 7pm


Saturday, November 28



Saturday, December 5

·         Chapter 35, “The Third Petition” p. 141



Wednesday, December 2

·         Midweek Advent Service, 7pm


Saturday, December 12

·         Chapter 36, “The Fourth Petition” p.141



Wednesday, December 9

·         Midweek Advent Service, 7pm


Saturday, December 19

·         Sunday School Pageant Rehearsal


Sunday, December 20

·         Sunday School Pageant (Confirmands participate)

·         Greening of the Church following 11am Service


Wednesday, December 19

·         Midweek Advent Service, 7pm


Thursday, December 24

·         7pm Christmas Eve Vespers (No Communion this year).

·         10:00pm Christmas Eve Lessons/Carols


Friday, December 25

·         10am Christ Mass


Saturday, December 26

(No Class)


Saturday, January 2,

No Class


Saturday, January 9

·         Chapter 37, “The Fifth Petition” p. 145



Saturday, January 16

·         Chapter 38, “The Sixth Petition” p.153



Saturday, January 13

·         Chapter 39, “The Seventh Petition” p. 157



Saturday, January 23

·         Chapter 40, “The Conclusion” p. 161

·         Review of the Lord’s Prayer



Saturday, January 30

·         Chapter 41, “Overview of the Means of Grace” p. 165



Saturday, February 6

·         Chapter 42, “The Nature of Baptism” p. 169



Saturday, February 13

·         Chapter 43, “The Blessings of Baptism” p. 173



Wednesday, February 17

·         Ash Wednesday, 7pm



Saturday, February 20

·         Chapter 44: “The Power of Baptism” p. 177



Wednesday, February 24

·         Midweek Lenten Service, 7pm


Saturday, February 27

·         Chapter 45, “What Baptism Indicates” p. 181



Wednesday, March 3

·         Midweek Lenten Service, 7pm


Saturday, March 6

·         Chapter 46, “Confession”  and “Office of the Keys p. 185, 189



Wednesday, March 10

(NO Lenten Services)


Saturday, March 13

No Class


Wednesday, March 17

·         Midweek Lenten Service, 7pm


Saturday, March 20

·         Chapter 48, “The Nature of the Sacrament of the Altar”

·         Early Communion Training (Mandatory for all who will begin receiving)



Wednesday, March 24

·         Midweek Lenten Service, 7pm


Saturday, March 27

No Class


Sunday, March 28

·         8am and 11am- Palm Sunday


Thursday, April 1

·         7pm Maundy Thursday Service: First Communion

For Confirmands who have not yet begun to receive.


Good Friday, April 2

·         Chief Service, 12 Noon

·         Tenebrae, 7pm


Saturday, April 3

·         5:30pm Great Vigil of Easter


Saturday, April 10

·         Chapter 49, “The Benefit of the Sacrament of the Altar” p. 197




Saturday, April 17

·         Chapter 50, “The Power of the Sacrament of the Altar

·         Chapter 51, “How to Receive the Sacrament Worthily

·         Chapter 52, “Review of the Means of Grace”



Saturday, April 17

·         Chapter 53, “Daily Prayers” p. 213



Saturday, April 24

·         Chapter 54, “Table of Duties, Part I” p.217



Saturday, May 1

·         Review of Year B



Saturday, May 8

·         Final Exam

·         Life within the Congregation



·         All Classes will be held on Saturday Mornings during Saturday School Hour, 9:30am-10:30am.

·         Church attendance required each week with Attendance taken: Saturday, 5:30pm, Saturday 8am and 11am (attend one).

·         All Evening Midweek Services 7pm. Confirmands are to attend at least 4/10 of the Midweek Evening Services (Advent and/or Lent)

·         All Evening Saturday Services, 5:30pm

·         Attendance Manditory at the Great Vigil of Easter on April 20, 5:30pm.


COVID Protocols:

·         All classes to be held in the Nave of the Church

·         All students are to wear masks when strategic separation is not possible.

·         Hand Sanitizer is provided by the Church. Students should use it before and after class.

·         Students are to bring their own books and writing instruments.

·         If students are sick, have a cough or cold, or feel like they are “coming down with something” they should not attend class.  Please let pastor know if this occurs.

·         Students should not handle hymnals/Bibles in the pew racks.

·         If we are forced to suspend classes due to COVID in the future, students will be required to view all online video classes and take the test, emailing the results to the Pastor by the specified deadline. Videos and exams will be at: clcem.net, and church FaceBook Page