Friday, December 16, 2022

The Sixth Petition of the Lord's Prayer due January 14

 View the video and complete the worksheet for the Sixth Petition by January 14. 


THE FIFTH PETITION OF THE LORD'S PRAYER, December 17, 2022. Due by January 8, 2022

To view the video of the Fifth Petition and download the pdf worksheet, please CLICK HERE .

You must watch this video and complete the worksheet by January 8, 2023, at which point it is removed from access. 

 We will now be publishing the class videos for the 2022-2023 Confirmation Program.  Please watch each video and complete the study guide.  When you are done with EACH section, please email Pastor at so we can give you credit.  Also, please bring your completed worksheet to Church for each video so that we might keep them all together.  Remember that you are still required to attend Church even though the majority of the classes are on video.  For questions, please call 631-252-0613.