Friday, November 18, 2022

Confirmation Class for Saturday, November 19


Greetings, dear Confirmands.


As mentioned in class last week, we will be switching to online classes between now and the end of January.  The exception is that we will meet IN PERSON on the First Saturdays of each month except February.  So please mark your calendars for in person classes on these days:


                January 7, 2023

                March 4, 2023

                April 1, 2023

                May 6, 2023


Classes are from 9am -10:30am.  All other classes will be online for the year.  Please follow the schedule you received in class.


HERE IS THE LINK TO THIS WEEK’S CLASS ON THE FOURTH PETITION OF THE LORD’S PRAYER:  Make sure you watch it this week.  You don’t want to fall behind, as there are many more videos to come.


Please disregard the instructions on the video about coming next Saturday—this is a file video, and those were instructions for another class.  


At the January in person class we will go over the FEBRUARY PROJECT that you will complete during the month of February.  There will be no online classes that month.  (If you’re confused, don’t be, I will send frequent reminders to you. The project is meant to allow you to be creative.  More to follow.


Please remember that even though classes are online, you still need to attend Church services in person, at least one Advent Service, and at least one Christmas Service.  They are listed in your schedule.


Any questions, please feel free to email me




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